What happens behind those walls during the 54 hours in a Startup Weekend!!!

Last weekend, “Startup weekend” – a popular startup event was back at Delhi and when I heard about it, I decided to attend it! Though even getting a ticket was not so easy for me, as when I was registering, (Student) tickets which were available when I visited the website, were sold out by the time I reached the payment page! Thanks to Pankaj (the lead organizer of the event in India), I found someone who had purchased a ticket but was out of station so he couldn’t come. And so I got my ticket… ticket… to… Startup Weekend!!!

For those who wonder what’s this event all about- It’s a 54 hours event where on Friday people present their ideas in the form of a 60 seconds pitch, form teams, validate ideas and make a final pitch (5 minutes duration) on Sunday with demo of the minimum viable product built over the weekend.  On Friday when the pitches were going on, there were all sorts of ideas (about 60 if I remember correctly) out of which 15 were to be selected for further execution over the weekend. I liked Travel Martini idea (pitched by Udipi) and I joined her team. TravelMartini idea is basically about a social marketplace for unique travel experiences. People who are passionate about travelling can sell their adventures to those who are looking for offbeat travel inspirations.
This page lists the startup ideas that were worked upon by their respective teams and made it to the final demo.

The Travel Martini team consisted of 7 people all of whom (except me :P) were awesome people! It was really a great learning experience working with such smart people.

Travel Martini Video which was part of our 5 min Sunday presentation 😀

The whole environment at American Center, CP was full of energy during the weekend. Like this snapshot: 🙂

Startup Weekend Delhi

I think how startup weekend helps is that an idea evolves and transforms into a meaningful vision. Clearly in every pitch there was a markable difference between Friday pitches and Sunday demos.

Also, Startup Weekend is about Networking networking and more networking! I would find it difficult to name another place where one could find so many startup enthusiasts and those too from varied backgrounds like business people, designers, developers, people working in Education, consultancy, law, marketing, etc etc; some have already launched their startups successfully, some are on the way, some are still thinking of making a switch from job to startups and some like me!  It was really nice to meet so many startup enthusiasts.

There were great mentors present including Morpheus guys, and the one and only Dave McClure with the other GOAP (Geeks on a Plane). The brainstorming with others is really insightful. I even met Bipin and Upasana from Mobikwik and Zaakpay at the event on Saturday afternoon for there was a beer bash sponsored by them! These two are the people who have inspired me a lot, besides Paul Graham, Steve Woz, Vivek Wadhwa, Joel Spolsky and others about whom I’ve only read about.

The memory of this Startup Weekend has been hard coded in a corner of my head, as besides the networking, FUN, learning experience and what not, I personally benefited from the event by getting sufficient activation energy to overcome the mental barrier and divert myself from the default path! Since it is placements season going on in our campus, and even the next day after the event we had 2 companies visiting the campus for placements but…. you guessed it right, I didn’t go…

In the end, I’ll only repeat:

Startup Weekend Delhi
Startup Weekend Delhi group photo (with GOAP)

Ok enough writing, now back to hacking some stuff on my new Macbook Pro 😉

Feel free to drop a comment below, and I’m on Twitter if you want to connect 🙂


  1. Dude – looks like u had fun at SWDEL. Since you are not going for the default path of campus placements I am hoping to have you working with us 24×7 soon!

  2. Atul,
    Great post! It’s always good to see what a participant’s perspective on the event is.

    I am happy to see you deciding not to go down the ‘default’ path. I hope you also saw the importance of the team and collaboration amongst the team and also with other teams.

    If and when you decide to put together a team and start something up, definitely let me know.

    Good luck and hope to see you at future Startup Weekends!

    1. Hi Pankaj,

      Thanks for stopping by and showing your support. Startup Weekend was indeed a great learning experience.

      I’m also hoping to attend one of the Startup Weekends in the coming months, see you there 🙂

      Best Regards,

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