Incredible Spiti – a road trip

Spiti region is a high altitude desert. The river Spiti is lifeline of this region along the sides of which, life blooms like this shrub below!

Spiti river

We keep driving opposite to the flow of Spiti to reach Tabo and then Dhankar. Dhankar has an old monastry which is situated on the edge of mountains overlooking the confluence of the river Pin and Spiti. Dhankar monastry is an architectural marvel in itself. Ready for a little change, we started for a trek to Dhankar lake which is at the top of the mountain. At this time of the year, this lake was mostly dry and shrunk to a small one. The hike was mildly strenuous. The return trek took about three hours in total.

Many of the locals, tourists and even jeep drivers told us that Pin valley hasn’t opened yet but my research had suggested that it should be open so we decided to try our luck anyways and moved into the Pin valley. Deep in the valley we reached a village Mudh.

I won’t lie. Pin valley is one of the most incredibly beautiful valley I’ve ever visited. Far from the mad tourist rush this small village sees a handful of tourists visiting here. This is also one of the end points of the Pin-Parvati pass trek which we didn’t go for (but I am dying to do that).

Pin valley

In contrast to the stark dry views on the sides of Spiti, the valley of Pin is green with patches of multiple colors enhancing the beauty manifold. In retrospect, I would have loved to have added 1 more day at the Mudh village and spend more time at this serene place. Every moment there was worth it.

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