Incredible Spiti – a road trip

Day 2 morning we woke up excited for the drive to Chitkul also known as the last village of India. This is one of those several last villages of India which are the last ones on their respective routes and not to be taken as THE last village 😀

Chitkul, Sangla valley

The valley here is incredibly beautiful to which the above picture in no way does full justice. White peaks. Cloudy weather. Ice cold water. Extremely fresh air. Enough to blow the breath away. The whole serene raw nature all around made us idling at the river bank for several hours. I wish I could just pause the time there.

Moving on from Chitkul, we joined the Hindustan Tibet highway back at Karcham. The road keeps following Sutlej till a place called Khab where it turns eastward (upstream) into Tibet. This is where we move northwards following river Spiti which is a distributary of Sutlej. The green banks of the Sutlej have been left way behind and it’s stark dry mountains all the way throughout the Spiti valley.

Landslide prone road

Next stop is Nako where we stay for the night.

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