Incredible Spiti – photo blog

Last week, went to a road trip to Spiti valley. Spiti – meaning “the middle land” between India and the Tibet – is much like Laddakh in so many ways yet different in so many other ways. Will find some time to write a detailed post some other day. For now, let me show some photos. 🙂

The map of the journey

Hindustan Tibet highway

Chitkul, Sangla valley

Pin valleySpiti river

Key Gompa

A glimpse of the kind of extreme “roads” we came across!

Landslide prone road

Snow cut Road

Boulders Road

Riverbed road


I hope to wake-up the traveler within you. Go have some adventure!


  1. Hi Atul,
    I am impressed by your blog and the video in youtube about this trip to Spiti and Ladakh.
    I am planning for a similar trip to Spiti, The Key Gompu Monastery and for that I was just scrolling through all the videos and travel blogs that came my way and finally found yours!
    I loved it and want to know about a few details from you as you have been there recently.
    I would be happy to receive your help.
    Thank you.

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