Chansu – a beautiful village off any traveler map in Sangla valley

Chansu Sangla
Photo taken with self-timer from the top of a waterfall. The houses that you see is the village Chansu. Enjoying the vistas and the music produced by the waterfall with a fresh breeze of air serving as cherry on the cake!

After a fateful turn of events during my month long stint in Kalpa, this Spring, I landed in Chansu.

Chansu – a village in Sangla valley – reached via a winding dirt road from the Baspa II dam just before Sangla, taking you higher and higher till you arrive at this serene place. Chansu is a magical place only locals know about. There are no hotels, no guesthouses and not even homestays.

Without any dependency on tourism, the economy is almost exclusively dependent on agriculture which primarily includes apple, Apricot, peas, potatoes, and other vegetables.

An apple in the making. (More: Arrival of Spring – Photoblog from the beautiful land of Kinnaur)


I had met this amazing family in Kalpa and getting invitation to come to their village of Chansu was something I just could not reject.


I got a chance to spend a couple of days here, staying at Simi’s great-grandparents’ house. Getting to see the life of people in these remote mountains up-close, and getting to learn new things in the process was an amazing amazing experience. And when I wasn’t at the farm or at the house, hiking around at the outskirts of the village was my favorite pastime so much so that time just flew!


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