Carrying bicycle via flights in India

Carry Cycle via flight

Okay so I needed to carry my cycle from Delhi to Pune and that’s when I got some suggestions from my cyclist friends about which airlines to go with. After checking with multiple airlines, these are the responses I got.

Next up, Vistara

And then Air Asia

which as per that page, came out to be something like this:

Sport Equipment
15kgINR 1890
20kgINR 3190
25kgINR 5090
30kgINR 6390
40kgINR 9390

After starting to loose hope, finally Air India comes to the rescue.

(I also called them up just to be doubly sure)

So as of June 2019, Air India seems like the most cost effective option considering that the flight ticket on AI was only 300 Rs costlier than the cheapest option while it also includes a free meal.

So check the prices, and if AI is not costing more than the cost of carrying cycle with the other airlines, maybe just go with AI for a change? 🙂

Happy cycling!

PS: Thanks to Nupur Singh, Pratyush Thakur, and Gaurav Duggal for their inputs and help.

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