An attempt to build a Cloud based Mobile Data Backup System



Wishing a very Happy New Year to everyone, and to all you pirates out there, may this new year bring new adventures in your life and prove to be a great one for you, your team and your venture(s)! 🙂

In this post, I wanted to share something which I have been working on as part of my BTP (B.Tech Project) at IIIT-D. Basically it’s a mobile data backup system, to make the process of backup and restoration of mobile data, extremely easy.

Let me put it this way: Have you ever Reset your Phone?

Or moved on to a new phone (possibly using a different platform than the previous one)?

Or for some reason, realized (after it was too late as you just messed up with something) that you really needed to have a backup?

Or postponed upgrading your mobile OS just to avoid the frustration of first backing up all your data and then restoring, and still feeling like having landed up on an alien planet!

Has something as unfortunate as your phone getting stolen/lost occurred to you, and after that you’re putting chat/fb status for everyone to msg you their numbers as you didn’t have any backup?

Are you one of those who hate the so called “PC-Suite” software?

What if all your important mobile phone data (including, but not limited to, your contacts, SMS, music, files, etc)  could be backed up on the cloud with just 1 click, and restored in another click?

What if it also provides you option to do selective backup/restore so that you have full control over what you want to backup and restore?

What if the UI of the application is very intuitive and easy to use, and you don’t have to be a geek to be able to understand and use it!

And, the best part, what if all this just works out of the box on different mobile platforms, so that switching to a new mobile, if needed, is as seamless as it could be?

Yes, I am (being mentored by Mr. Bipin Singh – Founder CEO, Mobikwik and Dr. Amarjeet Singh – Professor, IIIT-D) bringing a solution to your mobile backup related problems.

Do you feel that it could be useful for you? Have suggestions? Feel free to comment below or get in touch with me on Twitter, here or drop me a mail at: [ me at atulgoyal dot com ]. And push the +1/Like/Tweet button. (See the buttons on the left are really trying hard to get your attention! :P)

From January, we’re starting to test out the Android version on a small group of people. If you use an Android and want to be eligible to be a premium user (basic + advanced features for free) for lifetime, contact me. Only limited no. of free premium versions to be distributed. If you don’t use an Android, don’t worry, not too long before we’re done building a version for your platform. Let me know app for which platform you want me to roll out next ! 🙂

7 responses to “An attempt to build a Cloud based Mobile Data Backup System”

  1. 1) For andorid if you have a gmail id, your backup for contacts and phone numbers is already taken care of. Same is the case for any smart phone

    2) mobile internet users in india is pretty limited. Those use it, has a email id and mostly it is a gmail id.

    3) for non smart phone users it could be a great idea. But not sure how many such phones will support a app. And your implementation should not dependent on mobile internet. May be a sms based app may work.

    4) Files – Too early for india

    5) Music – Google Music, Apple iTunes, Zune for MS, market is pretty saturated with well established products.

    With all this said, if you could come up with a innovative/noval UI, Your application will work. All the best. I will definitely try your app. But with out seeing it, i will never commit for a premium service

    • Thanks for your views Pai, a few comments…

      Firstly I’d disagree with mobile internet usage in India being limited. Not that I’m a huge fan of reports even if they’re from organizations such as AIMAI but if they mean anything, then as per March ’11 reports of AIMAI, there are 26 million active mobile Internet users in India. And if you look at the growth in recent years, that’s clearly a HUGE market. With 3G which recently started becoming popular here in India, there is clearly no stopping IMHO.

      Secondly, one main aspect of the solution which the post discusses is being *cross-platform*. You talk about Android which has integration with gmail and because of which contacts are backed up. Talking about the biggest players of the market, in my experience they try to lock you in. If it’s Google it wants you to use everything of Google. Does Google/Apple/MS anyone provide you a way to transfer all your data if you’re switching from say Android to iPhone or some Windows Phone or vice versa?

      regarding your comment on “Files” being too early for India, I think it’s not a good idea to just consider the present situation and not plan for the future. Because of the booming smartphone market, phones are no more just used for Sending and receiving calls.
      And, when we say back up of music *files* it is not meant to be a competition for Google Music, iTunes, etc.

      And, yes will definitely keep your suggestion regarding UI in mind. And I agree that one is not supposed to commit for a premium service before seeing/using it. That’s why there are limited period trials, etc.

      Many Thanks for your suggestions and your willingness to try the app.

  2. Nice idea…
    Would it support all type of data files??
    Pics,Songs,Contacts, favorite games,apps,etc??
    Do add me for your early version..wud luv to give constructive feedback

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