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Atul Goyal


Hi there,

I’m Atul Goyal. I live in Delhi am sort of a nomad who has been traveling a bit. I recently came back from my two month trip all the way from Bombay-Goa-Hampi-Gokarna-Kochi-Alleppey-Varkala-Munnar, before that I was working out of Kalpa in Kinnaur, for a month. Before that, I was in Sikkim for a month, before that in Spiti for about a month, before that in Ladakh and before that in Nepal. Hopping in and out of Delhi, where I was born and brought up.

My love for travel, combined with the presence of an opportunity, fueled by my interest in using technology to solve problems, got me to start-up, with which I’m building India’s biggest traveler community. (Resonates with you? let’s talk!)


Besides travel, I like love playing FPS and RTS. And reading books.

I somehow managed to graduate from IIIT-D in Computer Science. After that, I was working on mobile products at Gurgaon based payments startup MobiKwik which is revolutionizing mobile payments in India.

While I was having fun studying at IIIT-D, I also co-authored 4 research papers in different national and international conferences (thanks to the opportunities provided to me by the amazing professors at IIIT-D. Here are the papers published.)  Continued with research till the summer before senior year when I got closer to the startup world and did an internship in a startup. On graduating, I decided to take a plunge into startup world and due to my love for mobile (at that time, most Indian companies didn’t have an app!), joined MobiKwik.

BTW, I’m on Twitter!

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